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the girl on the train

This year, the American film The Girl on the Train was released based on the novel of the same title. If you love thriller, mystery and solving crimes, then this movie is a must watch for you! The novel was written by Paula Hawkins while the film was written by Erin Cressida Wilson and directed by Tate Taylor.

paula hwkins the girl on the train movie

Major Casts:


Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson
Justin Theroux as Tom Watson
Rebecca Ferguson as Anna Boyd
Laura Prepon as Cathy
Luke Evans as Scott
Haley Bennett as Megan Hipwell
Edgar Ramirez as Dr. Kamal Abdic

Plot The Girl on the Train

Rachel Watson and Tom Watson are married but later on, Rachel Divorced Tom because of cheating and having an affair with Anna Boyd who is their real estate agent. Rachel is sterile and is an alcoholic and she was later informed by Tom that when she is drunk, she would suddenly have blackouts and would perform self-destructive behaviors and actions that she would not remember later on when she is sober.
Rachel then became fascinated with Tom’s neighbor who is a couple named Megan and Scott Hipwell because Rachel thought they were a perfect couple but she didn’t know the problems and the differences that the couple is facing. Scott is known to be very aggressive and controlling while Megan is unfaithful and is having an affair with different men including her psychiatrist, Dr. Kamal Abdic.

the girl on the train
One day, Rachel saw a shocking scene where Megan is kissing Dr.Abdic on her balcony making Rachel angry of what she saw because she thought that the two are having a perfect marriage. Rachel became drunk after a drinking session and then later went off to confront Megan but she had her blackout and then later woke up in her apartment with some injuries. Later on, Rachel discovered that Megan is missing and was assumed to be dead. There were several suspects but the real story of what happened remained a mystery.

In the end, Rachel and Anna found out that Tom is behind’s Megan’s death because they also had an affair and Megan became pregnant and wanted to keep the baby but Tom got angry because their affair will be revealed so he decided to kill Megan. On that day of the incident, Rachel was beaten up by Tom when she had her blackout. Rachel also discovered that Tom was making up stories and planting those stories in her mind about her alcoholic blackouts that were not true and it was just to cover up his own abusive behaviors.

Rachel and Anna talked about everything that had happened and their discoveries but they were seen by Tom and argument and violent behaviors by Tom arises. In the end, Tom was killed by both Anna and Rachel. After everything, Rachel decided to move on with her life, sitting on the opposite side of the Train and leaving everything behind.

the girl on the train


Critics have their positive and negative view of the movie. The casts were great, talented and gave out an outstanding performance but the plot was said to be predictable. The story was completely relying on its twists and leaving behind the character development.
This psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train is not everyone’s favorite. Watching Rachel with her insecurities, her unstable thinking and her way of finding her purpose in her miserable life is very devastating. This movie is really trying to let us see on what the book is telling us but with a much lower and not striking impact. The mood of the film and the thrill and mystery is there but struggles to keep up the tension and the thrill.
The movie is said to be not digging deeper on what the book is trying to let its readers see. Some would say that it is your typical mystery and thriller film and leading the story very far from what the book is all about.


  1. Joshua

    The film was really loyal to the book but it seemed short. I prefere the feeling that it gave me when i was reading it :))

    1. Todd

      I totally agree! When people read the books, they already have their own premeditation, and there’s likely that they will be dissapointed when their version of the book wasn’t reflected on screen the way that they imagined or expected.

    2. Sebas

      I also read the book first and than I watched the movie. The books always tell you more than the movie!

  2. Nemon

    The movie is grea, it has everything in one, is scary, funny, mysterious, romantic, thrilling. Loved it!


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